Scott Marfilius MA.Ed
Assistive/Educational Technology Consultant

QIAT Resources
I did a webinar with Joy Zabala last week on the resources that are available through the Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology(QIAT) It is humbling that the work has been in progress since the summer of 1988 and the very issues we set out to try to assist people in overcoming are still out there. I guess it shows that the work for those of us in assistive technology may never be done. 

If you haven't had the opportunity to visit the QIAT website please do and look at the vast amount of resources that have been developed over the years by the QIAT Community. There is also a resource bank where people have submitted documents to be shared with others in the hope that they wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel. 

If you aren't familiar with QIAT and would like to view a series of 10 webinars that give an overview of QIAT and the Indicator areas then visit Ablenet University to view the archived webinars. They are FREE!

QIAT Webinar Series - The free archived sessions can be viewed at Ablenet - Then to the second tab "Recorded: AT/Switches"

Series Overview:

Are you looking for ideas and resources that can assist you in improving your AT services? Join members of the QIAT Leadership Team to learn about resources available to assist with evaluation of services & continuous improvement. This series will share information about the 8 areas of Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology & resources developed by the QIAT Community. Participants will have opportunities to give feedback & discuss AT services with members of QIAT. This series of workshops will provide a foundational background to the work of QIAT and QIAT tools & resources to support integration of AT in schools & other settings.

Remember to locate them at Ablenet University under the second tab "Recorded: AT/Switches"

QIAT Session 1: Overview of QIAT

QIAT Session 2: Consideration of AT Needs

QIAT Session 3: Assessment of AT Needs

QIAT Session 4: Including Assistive Technology in the IEP

QIAT Session 5: AT Implementation

QIAT Session 6: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of AT

QIAT Session 7: AT Transition

QIAT Session 8: Professional Development and Training in AT

QIAT Session 9: Administrative Support of AT Services

QIAT Session 10: Using QIAT Resources