Scott Marfilius MA.Ed
Assistive/Educational Technology Consultant

Workshop Listing


The following is a partial listing of previous workshops, lab sessions, or multiple day sessions. Descriptions and content outlines are available upon request and all workshops are customized to your participants, school initiatives, and focus.

General Topics

  • Using Technology Supports as a Response to Literacy Intervention
  • Using Technology Supports to Differentiate Instruction
  • What does Universal Design for Learning Mean to You
  • Achievement for All! Strategies for Implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in Your Classroom.

Literacy Topics

  • Technology Supports for Reading Comprehension
  • Textbooks: How to Develop Confident, Eager, and Fluent Readers
  • Technology Toolkit for Reading
  • Technology Toolkit for Writing
  • Writing First: Strategies for Struggling Writers
  • Literacy for Students with Severe Disabilities
  • Picture/Symbol Support in Reading and Writing
  • Indispensable Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Writing
  • Adapting Books: The Many Possibilities

Technology/Technology Integration

  • Office Products: Creative Educational Uses of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  • Mastering Microsoft Word
  • PowerPoint: Pushing it to the Limit
  • Ten Inviting Tips for Trainers!: Getting Teachers, Therapists and Caregivers Started with Technology
  • Successful Technology Integration to Accommodate Students with Severe/Multiple Impairments
  • Integrating Assistive Technology throughout the School Curriculum
  • Access for All: Integrating Technology into the Curriculum
  • Technology Solutions that work in the Elementary Academic Areas
  • Technology Solutions that work in the Secondary Academic Areas
  • Prepare your Students for Success: Implementing Electronic Study Skills
  • Technology Supports in Math Tasks
  • A Virtual Field Trip: The Use of Digital Cameras

More Specific Assistive Technology Topics

  • Learning Disabilities and Assistive Technology: A Potpourri of Possibilities
  • Beyond the Basics: Assistive Technology and Learning Disabilities
  • Learning Disabilities and Low Tech Solutions: It Doesn’t Have to be Complicated
  • Organizers, Schedules & Memory Aids; other A.T. Task Supports
  • Test Me: Let me show you what I know
  • The Strategies of Environmental Communication Teaching Training
  • The Assistive Technology Assessment Process
  • Assistive Technology Implementation
  • Assistive Technology Data Collection
  • The  Sorting Through  Series
  • Computer Access: Input Options
  • Electronic Readers
  • Mouse Alternatives
  • Onscreen Keyboards
  • Scan and Read Systems
  • Symbols to Text Tools
  • Talking Word Processors
  • Word Prediction Systems

Professional Development

  • Strategies for Successful Professional Development in Assistive Technology
  • Team Training – Where are we? Where are we going?

Consultation Services are available for School Districts, Schools, Teams and/or Agencies